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Instant reporting

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Stay up-to-date with less efforts


Reports are one of the primary tools (though sometimes they are the only one available) to understanding and measuring performance. 

Every company, high- or low- technology - has its reporting system, more or less sophisticated and efficient dashboards, summaries, and so on, having individual benefits and losses.


But lots of companies we've encountered during our professional life had 1 common issue - they had a lot of reports - real-time and monthly reports, telling them about all possible aspects of the company achievements - hundreds of clickable headers, colorful pie-graphs, broken down to departments and branches, reports received by emails to executive smartphones and more. But most of them weren't read or even opened once, therefore not providing the useful impacts these reports were created for. When you have a lot of information available - it's very hard to pinpoint the most crucial and useful data.


Here, in BI NEXT, our work is based on quality, not quantity. Based on our experience, we can guarantee - you don't really need to review more than 2-3 reports in order to stay in the loop. We study your business, understand your needs and constantly improve your reporting system, until it is compact, readable and user-friendly enough so you can make and change your decisions right on time.