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Marketing consultancy

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Plan your strategy

Here you can see the key strategies that you really cannot pursue without a correct and manageable marketing database: 



             - Lead Generation & Management 

             - Customer Acquisition   

             - Customer Retention

             - Customer Growth 

             - Customer Referrals 

             - Customer Loyalty 


 What are the top five money-making benefits resulting from database marketing? 


1. Improved Customer Understanding (better planning of marketing investment)  

2. Expense Reduction/Operational Efficiency (marketing & sales)  

3. Revenue Improvement/Better Performance (marketing & sales) 

4. Greater Visibility of Business Performance (shared vision & understanding)  

5. Greater Confidence & Predictability (cofidence)


Here, in BI NEXT, we know how to do it and can help you to improve in the following aspects: 


- A planned system of customer dialog  

- Driven by a high level of customer understanding  

- Using a variety of communication channels  

- Always seeking to produce some prescribed action   

- Measurable in both cost and results