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Analitical CRM & Targeting Optimization

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Improve your direct marketing efforts

The main goal of direct marketing is getting high response levels in cross sell/up sell/churn campaigns which are translated to high ROI level.


Here, in BI NEXT, our consulting practice has grown from experience across hundreds of marketing campaigns and projects:

  • Developing and maintaining loyalty programs
  • Creating highly relevant targeted communications
  • Receiving expert consultation from industry professionals 

We can help you to specifically target your messages to consumers who are most likely to take up the offer. How do we do it? By using statistical models, identifying triggers in customer actions according to demographic and behavioral characteristics and many other strategies..


We specialize in helping you create effective direct marketing with an ideal marketing mix model – the right offer/product, to the right customer, at the right channel, at right time and in the right form in order to produce optimal response rates and revenues from campaigns.