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Humanize, Group and Conquer your clients

 We understand that your customer base is not always a homogenous group. It can be reflected on your product, marketing (and other) strategies, sales, and, of course, new customer acquisition.


We start with studying your data and understanding your goals. Then, we research and test the results on business-sense making. Afterwards, we go back and do the research again, to fine-tune the right product/message for each customer segment to ensure optimal results. 

All this can be summarized in a short strategy:


1. Understand the Business Model

  • Who is the client really selling to?
  • What is the client selling?
  • How does the client measure success?

2. Explore and Describe the Customers

  • What is the size of the customer’s base?
  • Who is the “typical” customer? What drives him to be your client?
  • How does customer’s decision making process go?

3. Research and Develop unique Segments 

  • How many unique segments can be defined?
  • What are the main attributes defining those segments?

4. Increase the Client's "Share of Segment" for Each Segment

  • What are the unique needs and wants of each consumer segment?
  • How can the client's product/service satisfy these needs and wants?

5. Come up with Creative approaches for each Segment

  • What is the best way to make a way to each segment?
  • What are the features and benefits of each?
  • What are the offers and incentive?
  • Test various combinations of creative and promotional elements 

6. Analyze and Optimize Test Results

  • Develop reliable testing strategy.
  • Convert test’s results into actionable, decision-making information.