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What do we do

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What do we do?

Here, in BI NEXT we provide the following services:

- Product personalization, according to customer’s behavioral analysis

- Customer’s segmentation;

- Developing and Implementing research methodology, using innovative statistical approaches to solve complex business problems.

- Statistical modeling and forecasting (Churn, Aquisition, LTV, up-sell and many more);

Effective use of the available data and ROI increase.

- BI reports, fraud research, A/B testing development and many more


Also, our expertize spreads on the following activities and consultancy spheres: 

- defining data requirements, building and executing ETL processes;

- development of analytic infrastructure on Big Data platforms, such as Hadoop and Greenplum (postgress), as well as on traditional Data Warehouse environments;

- cleaning, customization and complex characterization of the data;

- building and optimization of marketing campaigns;