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Who are we

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Who are we?


Our company is led by a high-level prodessionals with more than a decade of proven work experience in Big Data mining, product personalization, modeling and data based customer management.  


BI NEXT solutions allow you to make the right decisions at the right time:

•       Exploring – Gain insight by exploring the associations in your data

•       Search - Have your data organized so it is always at your fingertips

•       Analytics – Access and capture information from all your data feeds


BI NEXT data mining methods combine the art of asking the right questions about your data with the science of getting actionable answers:

•       Customer micro-segmentation.

•       Long term value models

•       Develop churn and retention models

•       Basket analysis 

BI NEXT consulting practice has grown from experience across hundreds of marketing campaigns and projects:

•       Develop and maintain loyalty programs

•       Highly relevant targeted communications

•       Customer centric relationship building